How do you select a Recruiter?

A job seeking candidate or a company considering employing a Recruiter should qualify a Recruiter to determine if a particular Recruiter is capable of providing assistance as anticipated. The response to the questions asked of a Recruiter will determine the potential of developing a working relationship.

If satisfactory answers are not obtained immediately by a job seeker or hiring company from the Recruiter, stop the discussions with the Recruiter, find another Recruiter. Do not waste your time, money and efforts if a Recruiter will not respond to the answers and requests for information. This publication provides over 16,121 choices and 810 specialties, there are options!

A Recruiter identifies how they will work with candidates and categorizes candidates initially based on a single focused job objective that is identified on the top of the resume. Without an objective on a resume, an individual may not be categorized correctly and may never be found again once filed. A Recruiter will work with a company to fill job openings and attempt to identify suitable candidates based on information contained in what is called a Job Order. This Job Order is provided by the hiring company. This Job Order pertains to a particular job opening that includes a full job description, title of the position, and specific qualifications of the candidate that will be considered to fill that position. If a hiring company will not supply a Job Order to a Recruiter, do not expect the Recruiter to work with that hiring company. The Recruiter does not have a clear understanding of what a hiring company wants for credentials for a new employee unless a Job Order is completed.

A hiring company and a job seeking candidate can expect a similar response from a recruiter. A recruiter may say, "this is how I work...," Listen. Now respond accordingly. If you agree to the methods of how a particular Recruiter works, move forward and develop a working relationship. If not, find another Recruiter. This working relationship guideline process must be clearly defined in the initial discussions, otherwise either the job seeker, the hiring company, or the Recruiter will be disappointed somewhere in the process.

"The critical factor when working with a Recruiter is to determine if the Recruiter has the ability and resources to perform and provide results. The results are according to a job seeker's objective, or a hiring companies Job Order description."