Recruiter Types

Executive Temporary
Generalist Recruiter
Management Consultant
Specialty Recruiter
Temporary Agencies
Out Placement Services

Contingency Recruiter

A Contingency Recruiter is paid by a hiring company to seek out, and identify, specific candidates to fill a position openings according to specific criteria established by the hiring company supplied to the Recruiter. The hiring company does not make any guarantee that they will hire an individual from the Contingency Recruiter. For the Contingency Recruiter, the hiring company does not guarantee any fee payment, or reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the Contingency Recruiter during the candidate search process. The hiring company does agree to pay the Contingency Recruiter a fee if, a suitable candidate is identified by The Contingency Recruiter, and that candidate is hired by the hiring company. For the hiring company, it costs nothing to look.

Executive Temporary Recruiter

An Executive Temporary Recruiter works with Senior level individuals to place them in positions with hiring companies on a non-permanent basis. The specifications for the temporary job opening are provided to the Executive Temporary service company. These job specifications are call a Job Order, The position is filled with the appropriate senior level individual for a short or long term assignment. The candidates that work for a company are actually an employee of the Executive Temporary Recruiter Agency, and a paycheck is generated from that employment agency. These Executive Temporary positions may turn into opportunities for full time employment. If an offer is made to the employee a hiring fee is negotiated with the employment agency and paid by the agency by the hiring company.

Generalist Recruiter

A Generalist Recruiter or Company performs job search assistance in a full spectrum of positions and industries without limitations. This may because of the broad knowledge of a variety of industries, the Recruiter may have other Recruiters working in the same office or, may be associated with an extensive lead networking organization. The Generalist Recruiter is a valuable resource for local and national searches.

Management Consultant

A Consultant provides specific project oriented work associated with tasks requiring short or long term highly focused expertise. The Consultant would be paid as a vendor from the hiring company to perform agreed tasks. These individuals may be highly focused in their expertise or Generalists in their skills. A Consultant may be called a Management Consultant.

Retained Recruiter

A Retained Recruiter is hired by a company that is seeking an employee with particular job qualifications to fill a specific position, The hiring company agrees to pay the Retained Recruiter for expenses associated with the search of a particular candidate, plus a fee if an individual is hired. The expenses are paid by the company as a result of the Retained Recruiters direct efforts associated with the search of a particular candidate. An additional fee is paid upon hiring an individual upon completion of the candidate search process. A fee may also be paid if a suitable candidate is not identified, or hired by the company.

Specialist Recruiter

A Specialist Recruiter performs job search assistance based on pre-determined job or industry expertise. This Specialty Recruiter works within a very focused effort of specific industries or positions to fill within companies, and works to identify potential candidates to fill those positions. This type of Recruiter is very difficult to identify, and is a gold mine of a resource for job seekers and hiring companies once found.

Temporary Agency

A Temporary Agency provides companies with staff to fill for a short or long term assignments that requires additional staff. The job seeker is an employee of the agency and reports to various assignments as available. The temporary positions may become permanent positions. If this opportunity should occur, the hiring company is required to pay a fee to the Temporary Agency.

Out Placement Company

An Out-placement Company is not a recruiter organization. This type of organization provides services to individuals that require resume writing assistance, interview techniques, meeting with people for group sessions and may also include an office space that may be utilized to make telephone calls and perform a job search administration. The services that are available provide for long term job search security and a variety of support services.